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        After almost two decades in the public jewelry business, Sid Potts introduced a totally new direction in the local fine jewelry business. Sid Potts, Inc., “A Private Jeweler and Diamond & Estate Broker” was established in 1997 as an antithesis to the typical mall jewelry store.

        Today, Sid Potts, Inc. remains a unique concept in the Shreveport market, where clients are offered a truly one-of-a-kind buying experience.

        Client Focused. It’s a personal business where every client is asked a lot of questions – and to our delight – clients feel comfortable doing the same.

        Casual Atmosphere. Intimate, individually accessorized showrooms give clients a relaxed, private setting for our salespeople to provide their undivided attention.

        Creative Process. You will never hear anyone at Sid Potts, Inc. say “we can’t do that” when you ask us to find something special for you. We listen carefully, exchange ideas, and then transform that insight into the ultimate wish fulfillment.

        Cost Savings. Extraordinary value is as important as extraordinary creations. Our reputation for exceptional value is the result of professional relationships built throughout the years.